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Provides small and medium sized companies with a unique variety of products, services and consulting support.

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Welcome to Crossfire Marketing Group

Information and knowledge are only useful if you know how to use them effectively. At Crossfire Marketing Group, we listen to each of our current and potential customers so we can learn about them—we gather information and use that data to gain knowledge about our customers’ industry so we can exceed their marketing and sales goals for their products and services.

Crossfire Marketing Group makes it a policy to understand your wants and needs, what’s important and what’s fluff, what message you want to drive home to your prospective customers so that your message is clear and you gain market share. We also strive to show you how to maximize your marketing efforts through multi-channel solutions like email marketing, SEO on your website, social media marketing, press releases, and self-branding.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing solution for your business, new or established, Crossfire Marketing Group is ready to talk with you and learn about you—after all, we need to know you in order to sell you!

Mover Consierge
Lifestyle services in your new home with one phone call! Imagine, a company that can, in one call, help you choose, order and set up installation for all your services including, phone, utilities, home security . . .Read more
Crossfire Website Design
Crossfire Website Design begins each new website design project by listening to our client's objectives, taking that information, and creating a professional website that showcases our client's products . . .Read more
Crossfire Energy Group
Crossfire Energy Group has worked with the top five suppliers in the electricity and natural gas industries for the past ten plus years. With the deregulation of utilities in more than 15 states...Read more

Services We Offer

  • Mover Concierge
    • Phone
    • Satellite/Cable TV
    • Utilities
    • Internet
    • Security
    • and much more...
  • Call Center Activity
    • Outbound Sales
    • Inbound Customer Service
    • IVR Routines
    • Solar Lead Generation
  • Website Design
    • Hosting
    • Creation
    • SEO
    • Re-designs
    • Professional Writing
  • Database Marketing
    • GEO Targeted Software
    • Consumer/Commercial