Humble Beginnings

I love building things…call me Barbara the Builder, Tool Time Tina…whatever it is— I LOVE IT!!!

Being a techie, coding makes my dream come true—well, not ALL of my dreams, but some of my really weird ones—I did not always plan on coding, not even close, but now that I am doing it…it is really fun and easy!

The ever changing and evolving internet feeds my natural desire for learning, this stuff never gets old!  The best part about my job is that I work with a few very talented and unique professionals, ok, NERDS who not only excel in their own positions, but whom constantly provide me with new perspectives on my own work.

Our small but mighty nerd herd warriors is always busy building something.  Whether it’s networks and workstations, data warehouses and list management systems, web design and branding, CRMs and shopping carts, we build it well and we support it fully.

We have, therefore, created this forum, if you will, to share with you what we have learned and what we will learn in the future.  You will, starting today, find the writings of our lead graphic and web designer, Sean vonWolffradt, the new guru of PhP and safe coding, Richard Miranda and myself, IT Director, Project Manager, and the best darn PHP developer this side of the Mississippi!

We hope you take away some knowledge from our musings, but, more importantly we hope you get to know us.  After all, this is a self-serving effort, because we know, that if you knew us, you would hire us…in a heartbeat.  Enjoy!

Michelle Portteus
Director of Online Services
IT Director
Project Manager
Senior PHP Developer

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