Our History

Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. became a newly founded entity in 2004 as an offshoot of the nation’s oldest telemarketing company. The parent company was created back in 1946 and quickly became an industry leader in newspaper circulation customer acquisitions. Our Executive Leadership has over a combined 100 years of sales, marketing, call center and strategic dialing experience.  We have had relationships with name brand companies and have always over delivered. When we partner with a company we have a habit of sharing our years of experience to help enhance business processes and procedures to maximize your profit potential.

Our Beginnings

As the leader in the newspaper industry from the 50’s through the late 80’s we were not only the industry innovators but we were responsible to increase circulation sales for over 400 Newspapers in the US and Canada.

In the late 80’s we expanded our call center locations and entered the telephone deregulated industry. We resold long distance services to residential and commercial customers using the AT&T, Sprint and MCI networks. This resulted in weekly sales averages of over 1,000 lines of service per week. We helped proved the effectiveness of deregulation by driving prices down for consumers.


New Technology Helped Us Grow

In the late 1980’s, ‘predictive dialing’, or the technology of computerized dialing, became a reality and one of the first companies to offer this new service approached us and wanted us to pilot their new system. With the advent of this breakthrough technology, we were able to increase our project workload as well as test various industries without losing momentum in current campaigns. Throughout the late 1980’s and the entire 1990’s most telemarketing efforts emphasized the newspaper and telephone deregulation industries and we were deemed the poster child for more companies to join the call center industry.

World-Com Wireless and Dish Network Satellite Programs

Entering the Cellular industry was a natural. In 2001 we launched a sales team of 4o agents who produced an average of 1,300 new cellular sales per week. We were the 7th largest retailer nationally out performing most brick and mortar store front locations.

We created the complete business model from purchasing of the cellular phones, leather cases, cigarette lighter adapters and batteries, activating phones, packaging, shipping, inventory control, sales and customer service. It was a real machine. Until World-Com went out of business and some of you may know the story.

We were forced to change gears overnight. Along came Dish Network. As an authorized retailer in Southern California we quickly rose to be the 7th largest distributor. (I guess 7 was our lucky number!)  Our small team secured 150 new customers on average per week for 4 years. We maintained a “Green Rating” which is their highest standard of retention. And people call us “telemarketers!”  We handled purchasing of equipment, sales, installation and customer service.

Natural Gas and Electricity Deregulation

In 2007 we forged forward into a newly deregulated industry. We had the vision and previous knowledge to apply business principles and processes from our previous ventures to make this highly successful. We began selling natural gas and electricity to commercial and residential consumers. We worked with some of the largest suppliers in the country securing an average of 1,500 new customers per week. We have also expanded our company to include verification and customer service for our clients. We have enrolled over 1 million customers without one Public Utility Commission fine.  Fines are given to companies who “slam” or “fraudulently” enroll customers which could result in a $15,000 fine per occurrence. This is “why” brand companies want to partner with us. We hold very high standards and ethics. We will never lie, cheat or steal to get a sale. We believe in putting others ahead of ourselves and taking care of the customer first.

Websites & More

Crossfire Marketing Group, INC. launched a website design company in 2010 with the initial thought of catering to new and smaller businesses that might just need to add a web presence to their total package. That business model worked quite well as we built a portfolio quickly and earned a solid reputation within their niche market. Early 2011 saw a shift in direction as Crossfire decided to target large / exiting companies all while staying true to their roots. They also added a Professional Services department that includes website content writing and editing, blog and article writing as well as full-service SEO strategies and tactics.

This department creates and develops all of our in-house technology from CRM integration, developing our proprietary cScriptDriver cloud based program, website development and cloud dialer technology.