Mortgage Leads

Qualified & Interested warm transfer mortgage leads!

Lead Generation

If you’re looking for residential “Mortgage leads,” we have the talented and knowledgeable team to deliver the quality you demand from your vendors. With one of the largest calling platforms in the nation, we will deliver quality, opted-in leads to your company. We offer a live, warm transfer that removes any unwanted calls and delivers the highest quality of interested prospects to hear about your mortgage services.


How We Do It

We begin working on the quality of your mortgage lead when we hire the very individuals who will be working the leads.  It all begins with our unique approach. We hire the best of the best, the elite candidates who have proven themselves through our multi-faceted on-line interviewing and testing process which includes speaking directly with at least two of our Sales Managers prior to meeting candidates face to face. Such a demanding process allows us to weed out any prospects who are unwilling to follow directions. Our candidates are able to demonstrate their skills (or lack thereof) in a semi-real-work environment creating a better than traditional employment screening process.

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Our Executive Management team creates and develops the sales presentations, Q & A’s, along with rebuttals to the main objections that incorporate a positive psychological communication approach.  Delivering guaranteed results!


What We Can Do

We’ll deliver live, warm leads to your mortgage experts and all they have to do is enter the customer’s phone number which allows them full access to the information that our mortgage representative collected.

With our talented team of lead generators, Crossfire Marketing creates targeted household leads in your specific service territory:

Sales Funnel

1.  Targeted, industry-specific leads

Reverse Mortgage
VA Mortgage
FHA / Conventional Mortgage
Hard Money – Alt A – Private Lender
Loan Modification

2.  Live, warm transfer leads
3.  100% call recording capabilities
4.  Guaranteed results and consistency

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With Crossfire Marketing at the helm of your mortgage lead generation, you’ll enjoy consistency with each of your leads-that means no handholding! We have a model in place that delivers top-notch quality day in and day out.