Cracks & Crevices

Grout! Putty! Glue! Cement! Heck, duct tape, if you will…whatever sort of crevice or gap filler you can imagine, IT and its developers are that and we do so to ensure PCI Compliance. The PCI, Payment Card Industry, is ever-changing with new standards to be upheld, it’s a wonder that most organizations can keep up! The majority of these tasks fall on the broad shoulders of the IT department and its developers—but what exactly do they do?

Let’s start with those nerdy developers, shall we? They focus on safe coding practices to ensure that outside sources, or hackers cannot insert harmful material into their databases; mostly they keep the malicious internet surfers from hijacking their websites. Most importantly, these safe coding practices are implemented to ensure that a breach or loss of their database information does not occur.

Next, IT’s main concentration is on systems and access control to ensure their physical world is safe and secure. They safeguard and secure the server room and call centers with biometric locks and require identifying name badges be worn by all personnel and visitors. IT is also responsible for the removal of generic passwords from all systems and to ensure these user accounts are replaced by secure usernames and passwords. They require password changes and enact idle time rules as well as administer Active Directory to ensure only authorized personnel can log on to the domain.

Crossfire IT and developers for our PCI Compliant systems adhere to strict coding practices and security measures to ensure our information and our clients’ information is kept secure. The following is a list of points (albeit not comprehensive) that we ensure are compliant in our systems and coding:

Input Validation
• Output Encoding
Authentication and Password Management
• Session Management
• Access Control
• Cryptographic Practices
• Error Handling and Logging
• Data Protection
• Communication Security
• System configurations
• Database security
• File management
• Memory management
• & Other General Coding Practices

Crossfire Marketing Group has all of the above systems, policies and practices in place already. We ARE your one stop shop for PCI Compliant Call Centers. We operate successful inbound call centers for our clients in our Rancho Cucamonga offices. Call us today for your PCI Call Center Solution at 877-572-6414 or contact us via email at