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Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. became a newly founded entity in 2004 as an offshoot of the nation’s oldest telemarketing company; the parent company was created back in 1946 and quickly became an industry leader in newspaper circulation customer acquisitions.

As the leader in the newspaper industry from the 50’s through the late 80’s, we expanded our call center efforts to include telephone deregulation and once again was the game breaker in this new and exciting venture that included working relationships with AT&T, Sprint, and MCI. This new direction led to the opening of several satellite call centers in order to handle multiple calling campaigns on a nationwide platform.

In the late 1980’s, ‘predictive dialing’, or the technology of computerized dialing, became a reality and one of the first companies to offer this new service approached us and wanted us to pilot their new system. With the advent of this breakthrough technology, we were able to increase our project workload as well as test various industries without losing momentum in current campaigns. Throughout the late 1980’s and the entire 1990’s most telemarketing efforts emphasized the newspaper and telephone deregulation industries and we were deemed the poster child for more companies to join the call center industry.

The late 1990’s brought about yet another ground-breaking industry as we piloted the newest deregulation project and began to offer commercial customers the choice of suppliers for their natural gas usage. The company has maintained a steadfast presence for call centers in the natural gas deregulation industry since 1999 and currently represents the largest privately owned natural gas marketers. Alongside our efforts in the natural gas industry, we also ran very successful telemarketing campaigns in the electricity deregulation industry within the participating state of Texas markets.

Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. efforts fully shifted over to the natural gas deregulation in 2007 for our current client as we consistently enroll over 1500 new customers weekly; the energy division still maintain over 60 newspaper clients.

In 2003, we became a leading reseller of MCI Cellular; from selling to activation, to shipping and providing customer service, and in time, we developed into the 7th largest cellular reseller in the country by processing over 1500 new customers each week.

Dish Network in California called Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. in 2005 and asked us to become a reseller of their product and services—once again, handling sales, installation, and customer service. Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. would eventually be contracted to sell Dish Network on a nationwide scale and for more than three years held Dish’s ‘green’ (highest) rating for quality.

Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. launched a website design company, Crossfire Website Design, in 2010 with the initial thought of catering to new and smaller businesses that might just need to add a web presence to their total package. That business model worked quite well as Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. built their portfolio quickly and earned a solid reputation within their niche market. Early 2011 saw a shift in direction as Crossfire Marketing Group, Inc. decided to target large / exiting companies all while staying true to their roots. They also added a Professional Services department that includes website content writing and editing, blog and article writing as well as full-service SEO tactics.

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