Energy Deregulation

Energy Deregulation

The Energy Division has worked with the top five suppliers in the electricity and natural gas industries for over a decade. With the deregulation of utilities in more than 15 states, energy suppliers compete for market share in each territory. We provide inbound customer service, verification and bi-lingual agents who receive extensive and ongoing training to provide your customers with a “World-Class Experience.”

What Do We Do?

We assist consumers in choosing a supplier for natural gas and electricity in the deregulation market (see below).   By calling into each territory with competitive pricing and utilizing our patent pending cScriptDriver software. We are able to enroll consumers in the Customer Choice Program for our supplier clients.  With our state of the art dialing system and cutting edge technology, we are able to penetrate each market without damaging them. Even with the national do not call list, we are able to contact and enroll an average of 2,000 new customers per week for its clients—and we have been able to accomplish this without one public utility complaint fine against us.


The practice of allowing consumers the right to choose a supplier for a certain commodity is known as deregulation. This is as common as choosing which gas station you want to go to when you need to fill your car’s gas tank.  Where do you go? The closest one? The best one? The one with cool commercials? NO! You choose the one with the lowest prices for what your car’s needs are…I promise you that 89 grade gasoline at each station is the exact same thing—the only difference is what you pay for it!

 The deregulation of natural gas and electricity are no different in that residential and small businesses now have the choice to choose their supplier for their natural gas and / or electricity! That’s right—YOU have the choice, if you live in a deregulated state, to choose which company supplies your nat gas or electricity.

There is no more monopoly of the utility dictating what prices you pay for these commodities—those days are long gone! Wait, you didn’t know that the utilities of yesteryear had a monopoly on those products? They used to tell you what price you had to pay for electricity or natural gas because they were the only game in town—that is until the suppliers came onto the scene.

Now, let me make this clear—you cannot choose your utility company—that choice is made when you move into your home or apartment—the utility is there to stay—they own the lines that transport the electricity or natural gas to your home and you pay them for that and for the monthly fee and other fees they decide you should pay.

The supplier supplies the electricity and / or natural gas and the utility provides the commodity to you through their lines—the utility will always bill you and handle customer serviced calls and emergency issues—the supplier only supplies!