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We are the oldest telemarketing company in the country. Since 1946 we have had the unique ability to diversify our business and continually reinvent ourselves.  Our Executive Leadership has over 100 years of industry experience. We are innovative.  We believe in the Japanese term “kaizen” meaning “continual improvement”. When we partner with name brand companies we don’t just do a job.  We will strive to find new, unique ways to improve sales, customer service experience, processes and procedures. We find ways to use technology to streamline processes and not replicate routine tasks. Let us learn about your business and we’ll make recommendations to improve your profit margins.

Home Services Concierge

Call, Connect and Save! We’ve done all the research in advance for you so you can compare companies products and services which will save you time and money!  Our trusted advisors will help you choose, order and schedule installation for all your services including, Phone, Internet, Cable Television, Satellite Television, Home security and much more.

Website Design

Our talented team of designers and coders begin a new project by listening to our client’s objectives, goals and needs. We use this information to design and create a professional website that encompasses their vision…

Energy Deregualtion

Our Energy Divisions have worked with the top five suppliers in the electricity and natural gas industries for over a decade. We have secured and enrolled over 1 million new residential customers by telephone with zero PUC (Public Utility Commission) fines! We believe in providing customers with complete transparency by helping them understand the various products and services offered and make the best possible recommendation that benefits them.

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Cracks & Crevices

Grout! Putty! Glue! Cement! Heck, duct tape, if you will…whatever sort of crevice or gap filler you can imagine, IT and its developers are that and we do so to ensure PCI Compliance. The PCI, Payment Card Industry, is ever-changing with new standards to be upheld,...

Big Data

Tech buzz words come and go as quickly as Justin Bieber gets into trouble…which is rather fast! The issue with that is that most of the buzz is short-lived and over-hyped which leaves us, the not so techie person, wondering what’s next and how to prepare for it. So,...

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